Shouldn’t Be Dating

The reality in the world that we live in today is that some women just go out on dates not really interested in a guy, but for the free meal, concert, or game ticket he’s providing. Also, some guys just take a lady out with no intentions of staying in contact with her after that night. There are people that do date still with a purpose of potentially meeting their soulmate. Yet, for the rest, here are a few signs in my opinion that indicate you shouldn’t be dating currently.

  • Still make your Ex a priority in your life

It’s natural to care for your ex well-being and not want anything bad to happen to them. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be consistently prioritizing your ex over the new person you’re dating.

  • In a Bad Space Financially

Most people never have their money exactly how they would like for it to be at in life. However, if spending 50 dollars on a date will be a financial burden in you potentially not having something like gas money or money for lunch the upcoming week, I recommend that you take a break from dating and focus on getting yourself in a better financial space first.

  • Not Happily Single

When a person isn’t happily single they’re more likely to stay in a toxic relationship when they do get with someone, just to say they’re in a relationship, oppose to ending it and moving on when all the evidence shows that the other person is subtracting way more than adding in their life.

What are some other signs in your opinion that usually indicate a person probably shouldn’t be dating currently?

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6 thoughts on “Shouldn’t Be Dating”

  1. These are really great points! I think so many people end up in problematic relationships because they haven’t done this foundational work!

    1. Yes, having done the foundation work and getting into relationship for the wrong reason(s). A good example, if the two of us started talking and I trying to move in with you three weeks later… that’s a key sign I’m not in a good space financially and probably with you currently for the wrong reasons right now…

    1. Thanks…. always good to know I’m making an impact on someone life… and I definitely plan to continue to put new blog posts out weekly…

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