When it comes to dating everybody doesn’t recognize some key signs that someone isn’t really interested. Therefore, I’m touching on some red flags for a man to be aware when it comes to women.

  • Text you back a day or more later, if at all on a regular

We all can get busy and forget to text someone back, especially in the middle of a workday. However, if a lady consistently does this, she usually isn’t that interested in the guy. Furthermore, she probably just texting you back just to be nice when she does.

  • Only responds back to you consistently when it’s related to something she wants

If she never too busy to talk when it comes to her trying to get something from you, but always too busy otherwise, this is an indication that she isn’t interested and clearly trying to use you as well.

  • Never able to give you an exact date or time when she is free to go on a date

If you have tried to take a lady out on a date on more than one random occasion and she never gets back to you with a date or time she’s free, it’s best to cut your losses and leave her alone.

What are some other red flags to watch out for when it comes to women?

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