Last week I covered some key signs for a man to be aware of when a woman isn’t really interested in being in an exclusive romantic relationship with him. Therefore, I’ll be covering red flags below for a lady to be on the lookout for this week when it comes to men.

  • Shows no initiative to plan an actual date within a week

The average man, including myself, will want to see a woman again within a week if he has just started talking with her and find her physically attracted, unless he had a prior engagement already.

  • Consistently only text or call you first late at night

This is a clear sign that the guy is just looking to try and come over and have sex. Thus, when he consistently only randomly calls or text first late at night, his actions showing who he is. Also, this shows a lack of respect by him towards the woman well.

  • Consistently never text or call you first unless he’s trying to see you

When a guy is really interested in you he will consistently call or text you randomly sometime as well. Thus, if he hardly ever initiates a conversation with you that usually means he’s not that into you.

What are some other red flags to watch out for when it comes to men?

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