Holiday Season

Burglaries and thefts are known to spike during the holiday season. As a result, I’ve provided a few things to try and avoid below to help decrease crimes.

  • Leaving Valuable Visible Items In Your Car

If it only takes a few seconds to put an item in the trunk of your car and out of sight, then it’s best to do that over leaving it visible and increasing the chances of someone breaking into your vehicle for it.

  • Going To The ATM Bank Late At Night

Try and go to the ATM during business or high traffic hours oppose to late at night, when you might be the only person withdrawing money and more likely targeted by a criminal.

  • Stopping To Get Gas Late At Night

You have to get our your car to pump gas and similar to withdrawing money at an ATM, nobody else might be at the gas station at that time, which can embolden a potential robber, even if they weren’t planning on trying to rob you.

What are some other things to try and avoid during this holiday season doing to decrease your chances of being a victim of a potential crime?

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