During the holiday season most people usually spend more money on gifts than what they actually can afford. Furthermore, a lot of people often go in debt during the holidays that isn’t easy for them to get out of. As a result, listed below are a couple of things that should help reduce or eliminate holiday debt completely.

  • Bi-weekly Pay Check

If you get paid bi-weekly there is two months within the year where you will get paid three times instead of the normal two. Thus, treat those two paychecks as a yearly bonus and put that money aside as your Christmas saving.

  • Income Tax

Instead of blowing all your income tax money if you’re lucky enough to get anything back after filing your taxes, leverage some if not all of that money towards a Christmas saving for the end of the year.

What are some other things people can do during the holiday season to help reduce or eliminate their debt?

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2 thoughts on “Debt”

  1. I agree, this year I decided to be more intentional about planning it out. I have a large family so it can get quite expensive. I want to look forward to the holidays this year vs feeling stressed because of a lack of planning!

    1. Putting aside something, no matter how small, is better than not putting aside anything. Also, holidays definitely shouldn’t have us stress about money, especially if we do things all through the year through love, to show someone how we truly feel about them..

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