The goal should always be for both a man and a woman to try and make a great impression on anybody they’re interested in dating. This is important, mainly so the person will want to go out with them. However, there are certain things that can be done unintentionally, which can hinder your chances.

  • Trying To Borrow Money Before Even Going On The First Date

For a lady to do this, it perceived that she really isn’t dating to get to know the guy. Not to mentioned, just looking for someone to give her some money. Next, the guy comes completely off as him not being stable enough financially to even be trying to date.

  • Expecting To Be Made A Top Priority Overnight By The Other Person

Everybody that you meet initially isn’t going to make you the top priority in their life over night. Thus, you don’t want to get too emotional when they don’t and potentially come off as crazy to them.

What are some other things that can be done unintentionally that can hinder a person chance for a first or second date with someone they like?

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2 thoughts on “Dating”

  1. I think that only once we’re comfortable with ourselves is it the right time to look for someone else. And it’s not a must either; I know a lot of happy singes 🙂

    1. That is definitely true Christy…. I always stress a person needs to be happily single first, before they even start trying to date, because you don’t want your happiness fully into another person hands, just in case they decide to leave your life on their own or something unfortunate happens. Also, I definitely happily single myself…

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