Tomorrow Isn’t Promise

The recent passing of basketball great Kobe Bryant seems to had an impact on mostly everyone in the world. Thus, if there is a silver lining from it hopefully it has helped to remind you of the following things like it has done for me.

Don’t Take Life For Granted

  • We never know when it will be our last day on earth. Therefore, we should all strive to do an even better job of not taking like for granted and putting off doing something that we really want to pursue because we think that we got tomorrow to do it.

Try Not To Hold Petty Grudges

  • Ego can get in the way sometime of a person apologizing when they’re clearly in the wrong, or just showing maturity and being the bigger man or woman to reach out first to someone you care for to resolve something petty the two of you currently might not be on speaking terms about before it’s too late.

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4 thoughts on “Tomorrow Isn’t Promise”

  1. This is very true, we need to put our ego aside more often so that we can appreciate the people in our lives. Life is precious and a gift that we should never underestimate 💞

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