The Coronavirus pandemic has probably impacted everybody in the world directly or indirectly, in some type of way at this point. Therefore, if you do find yourself at home with some extra time on your hands, consider doing the following:

1. Family Board Games & Movie Nights

Take advantage of this time to spend with your immediate family more if they live with you by playing fun board games and setting aside time to watch family friendly movies together.

2. Give A Family Member Or Good Friend A Call

Give a family member or friend that you don’t talk with daily a call to catch up and let them know that you’re thinking of them, since small things like a simple phone call can have a big impact on another person day in a positive way.

3. Find A Good Book To Read

Knowledge is a powerful weapon, so arm yourself with it by finding a book and read on a specific topic you’re interested in knowing more about that isn’t covered daily on your favorite tv show or streaming service that you watch on a regular.

What are some other things that you can do at home during this Pandemic with the extra time you might now have on your hands?

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