Patient-facing health care workers have been on the front line during the current Coronavirus epidemic, while helping infected patients. Thus, consider doing the following things for your health care significant other so they can feel appreciated while at home:

Prepared Dinner/Body Rub

  • If your partner normally does the cooking, surprise him/her with a prepared meal already ready when they step in the door. Furthermore, give him/her a nice body rub, whether that be a foot rub or a neck massage.

Have Key Household Chores Completed

  • After a long hard stressful workday, the last thing I’m sure health care workers wants to come home to is more work, like dishes needing to be clean and the washing and folding of laundry, when their partner has been at home hours before them relaxing.

What are some other things that a significant other of a front line health care worker can do in your opinion to make sure that they feel appreciated while at home?

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2 thoughts on “Workers”

  1. These are great ways to make them feel appreciated. They are working really hard so to save lives and I’m sure that they must be coming home exhausted.

    1. Thanks…. and yes, after a long day at your job, the last thing you want to do is come home to even more work…

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