It’s natural when you love someone to want to be there for them always, especially when they need you. However, it’s important to be honest and able to tell people that we love NO sometime when we need to.

Repeat Past Mistakes On A Regular

  • If an individual starts to come to you on a regular for help on the exact thing you’ve previously bailed them out on, then it’s probably time to say NO, since they’re clearly not learning from past lessons and repeating the same mistakes.

Feeling Of Entitlement

  • When a person starts to tell you what you should do for them, instead of asking, they feel entitle. Therefore, it’s important to say NO to remind the individual that things you do for them are out of love, but definitely not from obligation.

What are some other things that you feel it’s important to tell people that we love NO sometime when we need to?

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4 thoughts on “NO”

  1. True words.We all think saying oky to everything will solve all problems compared to saying no.But in reality it can be the opposite.Standing up and saying no can be a good thing.

    1. Yes….. Plus, you learn way more about how a person truly feel about you when you say NO as well, because a person trying to use you or an ungrateful person will easily forget about all the things you have done and just remember the one time you said NO, even if you gave a legitimate reason why.

  2. This is something that has taken me a bit of practice, but I’ve learned that No! Is a complete sentence. Not everyone deserves an explanation as to what you’re feeling or thinking.

    1. Yes…. you got to be able to say NO sometime because some people going to try and use you and test your kindness until they have drain you and got you in the same place they’re currently at if you don’t know how to say NO..

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