What Would You Do?

We don’t need to experience some things in life firsthand and can learn from others instead. Yet, it’s critical to seek advice from the right people when it comes to certain things.

  • Career Path Advice

Just because someone might be an expert in one field doesn’t guarantee that they’re an expert in a totally different field, which they haven’t spent any time really working in. Thus, look for career advice from an individual that is already where you’re striving to be at eventually and who was once in your current position.

  • Money Advice

Most family members we’re close to have our best interests at heart when they give financial advice. However, their advice is only based on what they know. Therefore, seek money advice from a person actually living the life you desire to have already, so you can have a better idea of what that person does consistently on a regular and try to incorporate some, if not all of those things in your life.

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