Proper Context

Be careful in taking relationship advice from an expert always, especially when he/she doesn’t know specific details about your situation. This is important for them to know so they can provide guidance in the proper context. Thus, listed below are two examples of the importance of this.

“If a man cheats, he doesn’t really care about you”

  • I want to first say I don’t condone a person cheating in a relationship ever. Yet, just because a person cheated doesn’t always mean they don’t care about you. It does mean that they’re human and made a mistake though. However, if the person has cheated multiple times, it’s a high probability they don’t care, since the same mistake shouldn’t be made over and over.

“Leave him if he refuses to stop going to the strip club”

  • It’s important to have key beliefs and values in life and not be willing to make exceptions to certain things. However, if your man going to the strip club isn’t a deal breaker, but just something you don’t like and he makes you feel like a queen and special most of the time you’re around or talking to him, I wouldn’t advise a woman to leave solely because of that.

What are some other examples of things related to relationship advice that you feel it’s important to have proper context on?

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2 thoughts on “Proper Context”

  1. I guess at the end of the day people need to listen to their gut cause like you said an “expert” wont always get it right. People always argue with me when I say someone can still love you and cheat on you.

    1. I would recommend to go off a person consistent actions always, in order to know where you truly stand with them over anything else. Far as an “expert”….just wanted to caution someone from using a quote from one as the Bible, especially if it’s a quote without any specific context behind it. Last, I agree a person loving you and making a mistake and cheating doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive.

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