Tough Chat

It can be hard for some to try and have a tough chat with their manager, especially when it’s around something they feel could of been handle better by him or her. However, often times it’s not all about what you say, but how you say it and where.

Have The Conversation In Private First

  • There is nothing wrong to me in questioning your manager authority, but it’s best in my opinion to have that 1:1 tough chat in private first. I say that because if the roles were reverse, the average person will want their manager to show them that same respect, oppose to bringing it up initially in a room with other people around.

Convey Your Concern(s) In Your Normal Speaking Tone

  • You should go into the meeting with your manager with an open mind, while being cognizant to try and not voice your concerns using a loud tone, since the message you want to communicate can easily get taken the wrong way with that approach. Also, be sure to get your manager perspective, because it might of been something you did unknowingly that triggered their response.

What is a tough conversation that you’ve had with your manager/supervisor before?

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