If you want respect in life, you got to be willing to give that same amount of respect to another individual. Some women struggle with this concept as much as men. Therefore, I’ll provided some examples below of women belittling their man and plan to address men doing the same to their woman next week.

Talking To A Grown Man Like He’s Your Child

  • Just like you don’t talk to an adult like you would a baby, you shouldn’t talk to a grown man like he’s your child and emasculate him, especially in front of his friends and family, even if he’s easy going and never stands up for himself. Furthermore, you should look at your man as your equal and not as you being his superior.

Reminding Him On Regular That You Make Way More Money

  • Any self respecting and hard working man is not going to let you disrespect him on a regular, if ever for that matter, by constantly demeaning him just because you might make significantly more money than he does. Also, the only man that a woman might keep around for a while with that type of attitude is a lazy man with no self respect.

What are some other situations you can recall or heard about, which a lady belittle her man?

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6 thoughts on “Respect”

  1. Great reminder!
    Honestly, I’ve been guilty of doing this. Thank God for growth and humility. I have always been more educated and used my intellect to display my superiority (at times). I didn’t see it as that, though. I thought I was contributing and being helpful, but he didn’t. But it’s all about packaging. I’ve since learned how to office advice and suggestions without making him feel stupid. I don’t always get it right, but I’ve gotten better.

    1. Thanks for sharing…. This is why I believe in communicating so much because initially, even though you had good intentions, you was unaware that you were making him feel that way. Also, the key thing to me is that you wasn’t dismissive about how he felt when it was expressed to you and you’re gotten better at not doing it, which is good step in the right direction and hopefully he has noticed it as well.

  2. It often occurs and we do not realize the effect that words can have until it’s too late. Another example could be throwing any sort of help you’ve given back at them. For example if you paid the light bill and he tries to explain that electricity is being wasted and you immediately refer back to how he doesn’t pay the bill so he can’t say anything. A relationship should be full of equality and support.

  3. In the past I have been disrespected by women I have dated, I’ve learned its not worth it and not to let it happen. Its’s funny how some one can call man, a person with a career, not a job and Master’s degree broke. I’ve only had that happen once to me and it hurt especially since I was the one with the money. Any relationship that has emotional abuse is not worth it. Know your worth!

    1. So sorry to hear that you’ve been disrespected in the past by women before. However, this is why knowing your worth is so important, so you got no problem in walking away from a relationship if an individual not willing to treat you with the respect, that is up to your standards, but I’m glad to hear that you know your worth now and learned to not let it happen anymore.

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