I try and see things from more than one perspective always, along with being objective. As a result, I’m addressing men being disrespectful to their woman this week in this two part series.

Never Willing To Compromise

  • Some guys refuse to ever compromise, even though any successful relationship will evolve it happening sometime by both partners. Therefore, if it’s something that your lady ask you to do, be willing to put her first and oblige sometime.

Treating Your Lady Like Your Maid

  • Just because you got a lady that doesn’t mind and take pride in doing most of the household chores, you shouldn’t take advantage of her kindness by treating her like your personal maid. For instance, instead of being lazy and leaving your dirty clothes right next to the hamper, go ahead and put your clothes in it and not leave it as a task for her to do.

What are some other situations you can recall or heard about, that a man was disrespectful to his lady?

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    1. Thanks..,plus it’s usually two sides to everything anyhow and all of us got room for improvement always…

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