I hear people often complain about flaws of their partner that he/she was aware of early on when they first started dating. There are some things you might can have an influence on your partner to change that isn’t anything major. However, there are other things I wouldn’t advise to gamble on potential with.

Don’t Want To Work

  • When your partner can’t seem to ever keep a steady job for whatever reason in the the years that you’ve known him/her, it wouldn’t be wise to get a new apartment of house with them and be dependent on their income every month.

Not Wanting Kids

  • If the person you’re dating has made it clear to you that they don’t want kids ever and having a child one day is a big priority for you, it’s probably best to end things over potentially investing 4-5 years in the relationship to not even change their mind.

What are some other things that you wouldn’t want to gamble on investing years with a partner on for them to never change?

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