Student Loans

The average student graduates from a four year college with student loans of about $28,000. Some students become eligible to have their loan debt forgiven. Yet, that is not the case for most. As a result, I plan to pay the full amount if my child has loan debt after graduation.

Head Start In Life

  • Even though I’ve had a great life so far, I’ll like to do my best to ensure my kid(s) has an even better life than me. The key for that to happen in my opinion is to give them good exposure to more things at a younger age and not have them to start their adult life off with a lot of debt. Therefore, I’ll feel like I failed them if they graduate in 4-5 years with almost 30k of debt.

Resentment Can Be Created

  • To avoid a lot of loan debt, it’s usually too late for a kid to start saving up on their own in high school when they’re able to work. Furthermore, the average kid not thinking about or got a way to save for college while in elementary school. Thus, a teen can sometime have resentment towards their parents when they feel the debt stems from bad planning by their parents

Do you feel parents should help pay off student loans of their kids after graduation if they’re able to?

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