What We Allow

When it comes to relationships people do what we allow, accept, and tolerate from them. As a result, it’s important to have consequences to actions, so they have an incentive to do the right thing. Furthermore, if a person isn’t willing to do right then you should consider helping them to appreciate your absence.

Cheating Partner

  • If you have a partner that has cheated on you multiple times there is a good chance that person doesn’t respect you. However, the root cause of that disrespect may arise from the individual not being afraid of you leaving them. Thus, you got to stop giving unlimited loyalty to them when they consistently give you limited loyalty in return.

Money Tree To Friends/Family

  • A person shouldn’t need to borrow money from you on a consistent basis, unless they are living out of their budget or don’t have one. In either case, their bad planning should not be your emergency. Therefore, you want to say NO to them sometime, even if you do have the extra money to give so you don’t handicap and make them think it’s alright to not be responsible and just do whatever they want with their money knowing you will always be there to bail them out.

What is something that you allow or allowed from another individual in the past that you wished you never did?

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13 thoughts on “What We Allow”

  1. This was great. I agree that people only do what he allow. I ask can we really be mad at them? We really should be mad at ourselves for allowing that behavior. Set your boundaries.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the blog and now realize your worth. Furthermore, if a man truly value or cherish a lady, he isn’t putting himself in a position on a regular that may result in him losing her.

      1. Agreed! Sadly we sweep it under the rug thinking it will not happen again, until it does time and time again. Realizing our own worth is powerful!

      2. Yeah…. the best way I learn to avoid long term disappointment in life is to go off what a person CONSISTENT actions show me over their CONSISTENT words, because what we do or don’t do on a regular is who really are…

  2. Really great post! I think someone who keeps cheating on your is usually not as committed to the relationship as you are and as someone who keeps borrowing money is definitely a red flag too.

  3. Here’s my take:
    Definitely, no-one should tolerate cheating in a relationship. Couples ought to respect one another. Cheating in a relationship is a sign that something is wrong. Continuous cheating reveals a lack of mutual respect or self-control.
    On lending money, it depends on the circumstances. Some borrowers probably need help getting back on their feet. If one can teach how to fish, rather than providing fishes, is a better alternative than withholding good when it is in your power to do good. (Proverbs 3:27)
    My 2-cents. 😊

    1. Thanks for the feedback… Far as lending money, I agree some borrowers do need help to get back on their feet. However, that is why I made sure to state the part in the blog about someone needed money on a consistent basis and wasn’t referring to a person who need help every once in a while.

      1. Noted AD. I like that you included both scenarios.

        Who determines how long the help is needed – lender, borrower, or both.

        Your post is right. I was merely providing a broader perspective.

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