Household Bills

There isn’t one right answer in terms of how monthly household bills should be split between a couple living together. The key thing is for the two of them to be on the same page with clear expectations establish. Thus, I’m simply giving my opinion on how I feel things should be divided below.

Our Yearly Salary Is About The Same

  • I consider marriage to be a partnership and not a sponsorship. Therefore, if we both got good jobs and make about the same yearly my expectations is for my partner and I to split all household bills 50/50 each month.

I Make Significantly More Than My Partner

  • A key motto of mines in life is to treat others like I want to be treated. Therefore, I can’t have my partner splitting the household bills with me 50/50 if I make way more than her, since I wouldn’t want her to do that to me. Furthermore, I want to make sure my partner still has money after bills are paid to purchase nice things. As a result, I got no issue in having an 80/20 split on bills for that to be the case.

Do you agree or disagree on how I feel monthly household expenses should be divided between a couple and why?

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7 thoughts on “Household Bills”

  1. I agree with your posts and the couple definitely has to figure out which way they want to handle things.

    My husband made a little more than me, but we have always direct deposited our income into one account and the bills get paid from that account. Now that we have no debt and no mortgage, I don’t work and he covers everything.

    1. Thanks for your feedback… I definitely would want my partner and I to consult with each other always before one of us went out and made a major purchase like a new car if we live together…. Yet, I wouldn’t want my partner to not have any play money after bills are paid each month and need to ask my permission for something that cost like $50 because I’m making way more and got her splitting the bills with me 50/50. However, I’ve learn that is something a controlling partner does like.

      1. My pleasure! I totally understand because bills can be a hot topic. Even though I don’t work anymore, we sit and do a monthly budget together and make sure that both of us get an equal amount of play money. We have always had the “our money” mentality, no matter who made the most.

  2. Marriage is definitely a partnership… Therefore, long as both sides feel things are equal or about equal that is the key…. The conversation about bills definitely should take place early in a relationship though, just to make sure both sides are on the same page…

    1. Hey AD
      Marriage is a partnership which should be based on unconditional love; not a business partnership based on profit. Read my post –

      When the two hearts beat as one, and there are shared values, the division of labor or bills in a household will not be an issue because you will both be on the same page; the goal being for the betterment of one’s home/family. Because it is not uncommon for relationships/marriages to be based on other things than love, the issue of who earns more/less often comes up.
      Household finances is a topic that one can write a book on!
      My two cents.
      Thanks for posting.

      1. Just because two hearts beat as one with shared values as you stated, that doesn’t mean two people together will not run into disagreements sometime on certain issues…..since no relationship is perfect….

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