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A Real Friend

People often confuse a person that is actually an acquaintance as a real friend, mainly due to platforms like Facebook. Furthermore, if you ask five random people of their criteria of a real friend you probably receive five different answers. However, I think all of them would agree that if an individual starts to act different towards you just because you tell them NO or have just as much as them now in life that isn’t a real friend.

  • Fair-weather Friends

Some people are only friends with you based on what they feel you can do for them. As a result, they will use you until they can’t use you anymore and quick to forget all the times you said YES to what they want and only remember the few times you told them NO.

  • Friends That Don’t Want You To Do Better Than Them

There are some people that can be a great friend to you long as they feel you are not on their level and deliberately surround themselves all the time with other individuals they feel are beneath them as well. Yet, when they feel like you’re doing just as good or better than them in life, they start to act different unfortunately.

What are some other things that you feel are red flags of a person not being a real friend?

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6 thoughts on “A Real Friend”

  1. Reality check. Nice post!
    Friends who are with you only when you are in a celebration mode and not with you in your difficult times.
    Friends who are only there to bank on your money and nothing else.

  2. Nice. I agree. You said the most common of “friendship types.”
    I recently heard a man said this: he (Mr. A) and a few others are friends. One of their friend’s wife died and the friend (Mr. B) called “his closest friends” about 5 a.m to break the sad news. His first sentence was “how are the comrades doing?” All the friends, except one, chatted unawares with him. Only Mr. A retorted, “what’s going on calling this early to ask about the comrades? now tell me why you’re really calling.” Mr. A was the only one Mr. B broke the sad news to and he was the one whom Mr. B chose to officiate the funeral ceremony.

    Supports your post and that real friends truly know one. English language has acquaintances, colleagues, friends, buddies, etc. for a reason. ✌🏾

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