Can’t Afford

No matter how much a person make, I feel just about everyone should have a monthly budget so you’re not spending more most months than what you’re bringing in. Furthermore, just because you can rent or buy something doesn’t mean you can actually afford it always.

  • High Rise Luxury Apartment Downtown

If you stay in a luxury high rise apartment downtown in any major city but can’t afford to go back to your hometown to be with most of your family during a holiday, that is sign to me that you might want to downgrade to a place that cost less. Also, you can still find a place that is nice but a little cheaper monthly in other areas of the city.

  • Luxury Car Purchase

It is not a good look in my opinion to have a luxury car you’re still paying on monthly that you have an accident in that leaves a noticeable dent with over two months to pass by without it being fix. That is usually a sign that the person might want to get a car that the yearly maintenance and parts isn’t as high and easier to maintain and more within their budget.

What are some other examples of things you’re seen a person able to rent or buy but actually can’t afford it every month?

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One thought on “Can’t Afford”

  1. I totally agree with what you’re saying! My husband and I paid off all of our debt back in 2012 and paid our mortgage off in 2018. Before we made the transition, we were like the average Americans buying everything on credit and creating monthly payments. The BEST/WORST decision we made was purchasing a house for almost half a million dollars. Our first water bill was $1600 because of the sprinkler system needed to cover the full acre it was on. We sold it and lost 100K, but we have never looked back and have only grown since then. Because of our sacrifice to get everything paid off, I was able to leave my 9 to 5 to take time to be at home doing as I please.

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