First Date

Most guys goal when they ask a woman out on a first date is for her to have a good time with them so she’ll want to go out again. Yet, sometime there are things that guys don’t do, even if it was unintentional, that can have a woman not wanting to even go out once with them.

  • Know Key Things That She Likes To Do

A guy should know before planning out a first date what type of food the woman like, along with some activities she enjoy doing in her free time, mainly to increase his chances of her saying yes and having a great time while with him.

  • Inform Her In Advance

It’s important for a guy to let a woman know at least a day in advance, along with providing the time and what all he plan for the two of them to do on the date in my opinion so the woman doesn’t feel like she was just a last minute backup plan. Also, this helps to possibly give her time to change up some things on her schedule to go out on the date if she initially was busy.

Have you ever been ask to go out on a first date by a guy at the last minute? If yes. how did that make you feel at that time?

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2 thoughts on “First Date”

  1. This was a great article. I completely agree. A woman wants to know a man is considerate and listens when we speak. Making plans and keeping them are very important unless an emergency came up. When I say emergency I mean a real one not something made up as an excuse for whatever reason. No one wants to waste their time. Most women.. we take a very long time to get ready for a date. To take the time to get ready and the date falls through will definitely make a woman highly upset!

    1. Thanks for the feedback and I’m glad you liked it… Yes, I feel the same way about a lady not being real late for a date, unless an emergency came up that she had no control over, because if I think enough to plan out a date, I want my time to be valued as well.

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