I believe that the people we interact with daily in our lives are either an asset or liability to us. Therefore, if you have to choose, I’m sure most people will prefer the person that they view as an asset. Yet, a lot of people have friends and family members, along with a current significant other that is a liability.

  • One-Sided Relationships

One key sign that a friend or family member is a liability to you is if you find yourself making them a priority and helping with something on a regular, but they’re hardly ever available and make you feel like an option often when you need them, even if it’s just for something small.

  • Not Happy Around Them Often

If you find yourself less happy and more stress most of the time you’re around another individual because of what they do or don’t on a regular, there is a good chance they are a liability in your life and that you need to distance yourself from around them.

What are some other examples of a person being a liability that you can think of?

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