I’m often asked by people that get to know me why I’m still single. My reply is always that I haven’t met a special young lady that I see a long term future with as my potential wife one day and feel will make a great mother to my future child. Not to mention, I’m happily single and in a good space in life.

Also, being in a romantic relationship works two ways. She has to want to be in one with me and I have to want the same with her. Thus, sometime ladies don’t want to be in one with me either, which is totally fine since everybody isn’t compatible.

Therefore, don’t ever feel bad about being single, since the goal isn’t to be in a relationship just to say you got somebody. However, it should be to be in one with a person you view overall as an asset and not a liability. Furthermore, you want the chemistry to be natural between the two of you, along with sharing similar key beliefs and values in life in my opinion.

Do you get ask why you’re single often? If yes, what is usually your response and how does it make you feel?

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