I don’t have any kids yet, but I definitely want to be able to help and give any future child of mines an even better head start in life once they become an adult than what I had. Things don’t always go as planned. As a result, sometime parents can actually be hurting their kid when they think that they’re helping.

Allowing Your Child To Stay With You As An Adult

  • If your child is saving a significant amount of their money monthly to buy a house or putting some of it aside in an emergency fund this can be a great thing, However, if they are just blowing most of their money monthly this can be a very bad thing, especially if he/she is living a lifestyle with you that they wouldn’t be able to sustain on their own.
  • A child will be less motivated to move out if they get to blow all of their money earned while living with you. Furthermore, kids that grow up this way struggle often when they start living with someone in a romantic relationship. The key reason is because the average person is going to want their partner to help and contribute something to the monthly bills if they’re working.

Has there ever been something you allowed your kids to do that you later regretted because you felt that you did a disservice to them?

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