We are free to choose whatever we want to do, but not free from the consequences of those actions. Therefore, it’s imperative that we don’t make decisions solely based off of what we feel like doing in the moment. Thus, we should always try and factor in how it might impact us in the long term.

For example, even if you hate your current job, it’s not the best idea to up and quit if it’s your single source of income and you’re living paycheck to paycheck. Finding a new job that you want might take longer than you planned. Therefore, no need to get behind on bills while looking for something better if it can be avoided.

Furthermore, you might need the money and settle for another job you don’t want. As a result, basically end up looking for another job as soon as you start the new one because of not having patience.

Is there a decision you made in the moment before that had long term consequences you didn’t factor in?

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