Almost everyone has friends and family that they go and visit often that lives close by them. However, I think it’s important to follow a few rules when you plan or possibly might stop to see someone.

  • Give The Individual A Heads Up

The individual you plan to visit may not have been expecting any company. Thus, their place might not be clean up to standards where they’ll like to have someone else over. Therefore, always try to give at least a 30 minute heads up with a reply back from them that you’re in their area before just popping up. Furthermore, even if you not sure that you’ll stop by, just send a text or give a quick call that you might in advance and wait for a response.

  • Don’t Overstay Your Welcome

Some people struggle to tell others in a nice way that they have plans. As a result, try not to come over and stay for most of the day unless the individual reached out randomly first and recommended it or insist that you don’t leave when you tell them you’re about to after hanging out at their place for about an hour or two. Also, when you develop a reputation of overstaying your welcome, most people aren’t quick to invite you back over.

Have you ever had someone to visit you and overstayed their welcome?

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