5/10/21 AD Daily Quote

“Real friends talk sense into you. Fake ones will agree with your every move”

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11 thoughts on “5/10/21 AD Daily Quote”

  1. People’s unwillingness to listen will be the death of them. Every thing does not need a reply or relatable story. This has nothing to do with the quote btw lol

      1. Idk lol I think it was because the quote talked real and fake 🤷🏾‍♀️ fake friends don’t listen because they don’t really care

      2. That don’t make a person a fake friend just because they don’t listen though…

      3. I know for me, I might be friends with you, but not quick to listen to what a person tells me if I feel they don’t take their own advice or in a place in life I want to be at. If someone is where I want to be at already in life and practice what they preach often and I choose not to listen, that just means I’m stubborn, but that doesn’t make me a fake friend.

      4. You are talking about advice. I am talking about actually listening. It’s ok not to listen to advice from friends from time to time but I feel not listening does make you a fake friend. A friend should be present an it starts with listening

      5. When you say listen, are you saying a friend should be available to listen anytime you want them to?

  2. In world where everyone is so scared of what others think, honesty will take you far. I enjoyed your quote. Thank you for sharing it 🙏

    1. You’re welcome… yeah it’s not always what a person says but how they say it and where. A good example, I can pull you to decide and tell you something you might not want to hear in private, oppose to telling you in front of others and possibly embarrassing you.

      1. Completely agree. Honesty can always be delivered with tact and compassion. People won’t receive rocks that are hurled at them. They’ll either duck and hide or throw some back.

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