5/28/21 AD Daily Quote

“No human being is perfect, but a person can be perfect for you”

When it comes to love, the right person for you will love most of the qualities about you that the wrong person didn’t appreciate and vice versa.

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3 thoughts on “5/28/21 AD Daily Quote”

  1. I’ve only just stumbled upon your blog but this is so true! I had an ex who once criticised me and told me I talk too much, I updated him about non-essential things etc. Now, I have a husband who talks as much as I do and we talk about everything together, we text each other more or less from the moment we part when he goes to the office, right up to the moment we’re back together again. It goes to show that there really is a right person for everyone 🙂

    1. Absolutely…. That is one of the beautiful things about life, everybody like and accepting of different things, why I never understood why some people choose to lie and try to portray something they’re not when they first meet someone, because if you’re around a person consistently, who you truly are will eventually be reveal, whether that is two weeks later or even months later. Last, glad you came across my blog…

      1. Thankyou, and I agree. I have a neighbour who lies all the time. At first, I was impressed and I believed his stories, but then the penny dropped and I began to see through the lies. He told me once that he had done some security work for Mark Zuckerberg and I was impressed because I thought it must take something special to be that good at what you do, so he must be good at what he does. A few months later, he told me that he’d had a casual call with Miley Cyrus and I realised then that he was just making it all up. Today, he told me that he had just been given the keys to an expensive one-bedroom home in another country, but when I mentioned my plans for a small conservatory which I hope to get planning permission for, he just suddenly changed his story and said that he would tell his uncle to sell the home if it was in a bad state, so I know again that he’s just lying to me. I don’t understand it either. I always say the more lies you tell, the more stories you have to try and keep up, and they are stories that will usually unravel in the end anyway. Why not save all of that time and stress and just be honest?

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