Your Loans Are My Responsibility

The average student graduates from a four year college with student loan debt of about $28,000. Some students become eligible to have their loan debt forgiven while others are left with the full amount to pay. As a result, I plan to pay the full amount if my child has loan debt after graduation.

Head Start In Life

  • Even though I’ve had a great life so far, I want to make sure that if I ever have kids I do my best to ensure they have an even better life than me. The key for that to happen in my opinion is to give them good exposure to more things at a younger age and not have them to start their adult life off with a lot of debt. Thus, I’ll feel like I failed them if they graduate in 4-5 years with almost 30k of debt.

Resentment Can Be Created

  • To avoid a lot of loan debt, it’s usually too late for a kid to start saving up on their own in high school when they’re able to work. Furthermore, the average kid not thinking about or got a way to save for college while in elementary school. Thus, a teen can sometime have resentment towards their parents when they feel the debt stems from bad planning by their parents, when it was already a 50% chance they might go to college one day when they were born.

Do you feel parents should help pay off student loans of their kids after graduation if they’re able to?

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Gambling On Potential

I hear people often complain about flaws of their partner that he/she was aware of early on when they first started dating. There are some things you might can have an influence on your partner to change that isn’t anything major. However, there are other things I wouldn’t advise gambling on potential with.

Don’t Want To Work

  • When your partner can’t seem to ever keep a steady job for whatever reason in the the years that you’ve known him/her, it wouldn’t be wise to get a new apartment of house with them and be dependent on their income every month.

Not Wanting Kids

  • If the person you’re dating has made it clear to you that they don’t want kids ever and having a child one day is a big priority for you, it’s probably best to end things over potentially investing 4-5 years in the relationship to not even change their mind.

What are some other things that you wouldn’t want to gamble on investing years with a partner on for them to never change?

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Excuses or Results

I grew up in the south, so you will probably hear me repeat a lot of sayings often in my blogs, one of them being “excuses or results, we can’t have both.” This is so true to me because as humans we can make excuses about anything in life that we really don’t want to do or why we’re not where we want to be at during this stage of our life, and some excuses are valid. Yet, if you think about it, excuses rarely get us to where we want to be at or what we desire to have, but results do.

For instance, if you just graduated college and having a hard time getting a job in the field that you got your degree in because you wasn’t able to get a paid internship offer during the summer of your junior/senior year, the easy thing to do is to be mad at the hiring managers and everyone who got an internship over you and play the victim card while blaming others. Also, please understand that I know sometime you will actually be a true victim in a situation, but it usually won’t change the real reason why you’re down and not happy.

Therefore, I feel the best way to handle a situation like this is to reach out to Fortune 500 companies like Home Depot, State Farm Insurance, etc and let them know that you’re willing to do an internship for free for about two or three months, because if you got the credentials and willing to work for free I guarantee someone will find a spot in that company for you.

Plus, it’s a win-win for both sides, since you’ll get the needed internship experience that is holding you back from getting the job you want and the company will get free work that they didn’t have to budget for and might even decide to bring you on-board full time afterwards. Finally, this is why I stress that it’s important to have the right mindset in life, because you will learn how to think outside the box better while staying positive to get what you want, instead of becoming a negative and bitter person.

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