Job Change

Your current full time job, like everything else in life will never be perfect. However, there are some things that I feel are deal breakers and key signs that it’s probably time for a job change.

  • Not being Compensated Fairly

The average person you ask will tell you that they probably should be making more at their current job. Thus, when you don’t feel like you’re being compensated fairly and have brought it up to your manager, based on whatever is the average pay of your position in the job market, it’s time to look for a new job.

  • Hate Going To Work When It’s Time

It’s one thing to had a vacation and not be looking forward to your first day back at the job. However, it’s another thing when you literally hate going to work every single day. This can impact your performance in doing your job in a negative way as well.

  • Not Challenge Or Stretch On A Regular

If you’re not being challenge on a regular at your job that’s an indication that you’re responsibilities aren’t growing. Furthermore, if your responsibilities not growing through the years, it will impact your earning power in making more money at that job in a new position opening or at a new job, especially if you’ve only been doing the exact same thing(s) for years.

What are some other key signs in your opinion when it’s time for a job change?

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