People we date don’t come with a trailer to preview like a movie. Furthermore, a lot of people often wish they knew towards the beginning of dating things they discovered towards the end. As a result, it’s vital to ask key questions while going through the dating phases with someone.

Are We Exclusive?

  • Are we exclusive is a good question to ask I feel sometime within the first month of dating if you and the person are hanging out and around each other often. This helps to cut down on confusion and make sure the two of you are on the same page. Also, you don’t want to be exclusive to someone you thought was doing the same and find out they’re not.

Married In the Near Future?

If you’ve been in an official relationship with someone for over 2 years and both of you are over 25, I think it’s a legitimate question to bring up. The answer and reason you’re given can help you to make an inform decision on whether to leave the relationship. Last, you don’t want to waste years of your life with someone that doesn’t see a future with you.

What is something you wish that you could of seen towards the beginning of dating someone like a movie trailer preview?

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Have you ask someone are they in an exclusive relationship for them to tell you “It’s complicated”? That particular reply has always baffled me when I hear it. The reason is because I only think of a few legitimate answers someone can respond to that question with and that isn’t one of them.

In my opinion you’re either in or not in an exclusive relationship with someone. Also, some people do agree to take a break to try and figure some things out occasionally. Yet, a break in my opinion means the two individuals aren’t together or living by relationship rules with each other at that time.

When I hear someone say “its complicated” that makes me question how good the communication is in their relationship. I say that because I feel if the communication is good neither party should ever be unsure where things stand.

Furthermore, I think that it’s vital for any potential couple to have good and open communication by making time to talk on the phone on a regular, even if they can’t be around each other daily.

Have you ever been in a romantic relationship that you felt your relationship status was “it’s complicated”? If yes, why did you feel that it was and did things ever change with that person?

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