Trap Kings

Most of us have heard about a woman getting pregnant on purpose before, by deceiving the man in some type of way. Yet, these days it’s just as prevalent unfortunately for some men to do the same thing. As a result, I’ve listed two key traits below of guys that usually does this.

Controlling Man

  • If a guy is controlling and has a nice young lady as his girlfriend/wife that he isn’t treating right, friends and family usually will make him aware of it on a regular. Thus, when some controlling guys feel that their lady might be thinking about leaving them, they will get her pregnant on purpose because the average woman is not as quick to end a relationship she isn’t happy in when a child is involve.

Insecure Man

  • Insecure men normally don’t feel they deserve their woman, why some routinely go out of their way to try and put her down instead of building her up. Furthermore, they usually don’t bring just as much to the table either and often get mad at their lady for her achievements in life, even if she doesn’t rub it in his face and treats him as her equal.

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Controlling Partner

When you’re in love, most people don’t pay attention to or recognize key red flags that are present at the start of the relationship. Thus, I’ve listed below some traits of a controlling partner.

Belittle You Often

  • Your partner should be building you up and offering words of encouragement when needed. Yet, a controlling partner often does the opposite by trying to tear you down and belittling you.

Try To Isolate You From Friends/Family

  • A controlling partner will try and isolate you by making you feel guilty, along with texting and calling constantly with accusations whenever you do hang out with friends and family, so you’ll eventually end up not going out without them just to keep the peace.

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