Can Choose Friends, Not Family

We can choose our friends in life but we can’t choose family. Thus, it’s important for us to try and treat family members as we do with our friends, by loving them for their good qualities and accepting them for their imperfections.

Be Aware Of Their Shortcomings

Nobody is perfect, why as humans, we all have different strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, if you got somebody you love that’s known to not be on time hardly for anything, it’s best to not depend on that person for something like dropping you off at the airport for a schedule flight if you can help it.

Love From A Distance When Needed

Everybody that we love don’t know how to deal with personal issues they might be going through, which can impact how they treat us. Furthermore, some people we love don’t know how to provide us with words of encouragement when we open up to them and discuss things we’re dealing with.

As a result, it’s important to know when to distance ourselves from love ones when they start to impact us in a negative way consistently from where we’re trying to go in life, as we should do with friends as well.

Misery Loves Company

There is an old saying most of you have probably heard before, which is that misery loves company. Thus, it’s very important to distinguish if a person has your best interest at heart before you value their opinion and take advise from them, considering you are the one that has to live with the consequences of your decisions and not them.

Therefore, I’m about to discuss a couple of things to look out for that people usually do on a regular who really aren’t joyful that you’re winning or on the right path in life and doing better than them.

If a person never seem to be genuine happy or ever have anything nice to say when you achieve a major milestone in life, whether that involves you getting a promotion at your job, earning your masters degree, meeting your soul mate and getting engage, etc. these are definitely red flags. I say that because someone who has your best interest at heart should be one of your biggest fans when these type of things take place in your life and very proud, as you should be for them if the roles were reverse.

Last, an individual that always seems to point out flaws in others when someone else is speaking in high regard of the other person, even if they need to go back and find a moment that happen years in the past and the person has done so many positive things since then. This is a major red flag to me because it’s a sign of jealousy and if they do it consistency when it comes to others, rest assured they do the same to you when your name is brought up around them and you’re not present.

Will I Get My Money Back?

Most people have let a family member or friend borrow money before, with the agreement that they would be paid back on a specific day. Unfortunately, things don’t go as plan always, even if the person borrowed the money with their heart in the right place and having all intentions of paying you back fully and on time.

Thus, if you’re NOT able to answer yes to both questions I’m about to raise on the borrower, it’s probably not a good idea to lend them the money with expectations that it will be paid back on the agreed time frame. First, does the individual have a track history of paying their bills on time? If no, the chances are slim to none that he/she about to pay you back on time when the person doesn’t do that with their own money.

Next, does the person really have a plan in place to pay you back on time if you let them borrow the money? This is a legitimate question because often times the individual who needs the money only focus is that moment in time. As a result, the person usually not even thinking about two weeks later on when they do get paid in having to give you your owed amount out of that and basically being back in the same situation that has them currently trying to borrow from you.

Last, unless the person is about to receive extra money through something like an IRS tax refund, getting paid three times instead of two for a specific month at their job, or provided you with a valid plan there is a great chance you won’t see that money again no time soon if you let them borrow it.