When you are a good hearted person, some people will take your kindness for weakness. Therefore, it’s important to be nice to people, but make sure you set key boundaries as well.

  • Embolden The Individual

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, people do what we allow, accept, and tolerate. As a result, if you’re always going above and beyond for someone who rarely makes you a priority, that person is less likely to have a true incentive to change. Thus, you might even embolden the person actions towards you.

  • Be Direct With Them

From my experience it’s best to be direct with a person when they do something that rubs you the wrong way. First, the person might have no idea that they made you feel a certain way if you don’t tell them. Second, when you are direct, there should be no excuse for it to continue to happen over and over. Last, if it does continue to happen, that individual is letting you know how they truly feel about you.

Have you ever had your kindness taken for weakness? If yes, what happen and what you ended up doing about?

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