Respecting Your Partner Part I

If you want respect in life, you got to be willing to give that same amount of respect to another individual. Some women struggle with this concept as much as men. Therefore, I’ll provided some examples below of women belittling their man and plan to address men doing the same to their woman next week.

Talking To A Grown Man Like He’s Your Child

  • Just like you don’t talk to an adult like you would a baby, you shouldn’t talk to a grown man like he’s your child and emasculate him, especially in front of his friends and family, even if he’s easy going and never stands up for himself. Furthermore, you should look at your man as your equal and not as you being his superior.

Reminding Him On Regular That You Make Way More Money

  • Any self respecting and hard working man is not going to let you disrespect him on a regular, if ever for that matter, by constantly demeaning him just because you might make significantly more money than he does. Also, the only man that a woman might keep around for a while with that type of attitude is a lazy man with no self respect.

What are some other situations you can recall or heard about, which a lady belittle her man?

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Carry Yourself Like A Lady

It’s a dream of most women to meet the right guy for them one day and eventually get married. Yet, it’s important for a woman to carry herself like a lady on a regular while she’s single.

A woman might have already met a man she’s attracted to and feel he will make a great husband. However, the guy will more than likely just view her always only as a fun girl if she’s out doing any and everything with just about anybody and consistently not carrying herself like a lady around him, even if he does enjoy being around her.

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