Controlling Partner

When you’re in love, most people don’t pay attention to or recognize key red flags that are present at the start of the relationship. Thus, I’ve listed below some traits of a controlling partner.

Belittle You Often

  • Your partner should be building you up and offering words of encouragement when needed. Yet, a controlling partner often does the opposite by trying to tear you down and belittling you.

Try To Isolate You From Friends/Family

  • A controlling partner will try and isolate you by making you feel guilty, along with texting and calling constantly with accusations whenever you do hang out with friends and family, so you’ll eventually end up not going out without them just to keep the peace.

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Health Care Workers – MVPs 2020

Patient-facing health care workers have been on the front line during the current Coronavirus epidemic, while helping infected patients. Thus, consider doing the following things for your health care significant other so they can feel appreciated while at home:

Prepared Dinner/Body Rub

  • If your partner normally does the cooking, surprise him/her with a prepared meal already ready when they step in the door. Furthermore, give him/her a nice body rub, whether that be a foot rub or a neck massage.

Have Key Household Chores Completed

  • After a long hard stressful workday, the last thing a person wants to come home to is more work, like dishes needing to be clean and the washing and folding of laundry, when their partner has been at home hours before them relaxing.

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Games People Play Part II

Everybody in a romantic relationship isn’t in one because they see a long term future with their partner. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that some people are just in it for convenience at that particular time. Thus, they are willing to cheat without hesitation on a regular, since they don’t cherish and really value their partner.

Furthermore, those type of people will find something small their partner did and make a big deal about it and start an argument, mainly so they can go and cheat and use that as an excuse why they didn’t come home that night or answered their phone to at least let their partner know they’re alright.

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