Coronavirus Prevention

I’ve noticed that most people are taking the proper precautions in preventing the spread of the coronavirus while in public. However, listed below are some best practices for all of us to remember, even while at home.

Avoid Cell Phone Usage

  • Try to avoid using or even touching your cell phone while in a public place like a grocery store, since you’re having to touch a number of other items while there.

Proper Use of Gloves

  • While wearing gloves in public to touch things like doors, elevators, and store items, make sure to dispose of them before you re-enter your car, so you don’t potentially spread the virus on surfaces inside your vehicle from the gloves.

Wipe Down Products Before Storing

  • Disinfect all cans, boxes, and the outside surface of liquid items before storing them in your home. These new purchased products were initially touched while you had gloves on and something might of been spread.

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