What Up With The Questions?

A person has to be willing to answer simple, yet legit questions in order for someone to get know them. Therefore, if you got an issue with the questions below being asked, you’re probably not ready or should be dating.

What you do for a living?

  • An individual you just started talking to shouldn’t be asking how much you make a year. However, what you do for a living is a valid question, since some people aren’t doing anything in life with no ambition. Furthermore, what you do might be legal, but doesn’t align with their beliefs and values.

What are your expectations between us?

  • It’s important to always have expectations and express them, especially when first meeting someone, so the two of you are on the same page from the start and know what the other is looking for. Thus, people that know they’re not looking for anything long term and plan to just waste your time usually have an issue with this question.

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In order to have a long term healthy relationship you got to be willing to compromise on certain things. Yet, this is a trait that some adults lack. Thus, listed below are a couple of key things to be aware of with a potential partner.

1. Not Willing To Put Your Interests First Ever

If someone you care about ask you to join them in doing something they really enjoy and it doesn’t compromise your morals and values, be willing to do the activity with them occasionally, even if it’s just for an hour.

2. Not Willing To Answer Specific Questions

A person that you’re in a relationship with shouldn’t have an issue in answering a specific question that you ask them with a specific answer, without needing to get upset and mad, especially if they got nothing to hide.

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