Unplanned Pregnancy

The topic I plan to address in the blog probably won’t help me to be real popular with most people currently in this situation. Therefore, for anybody that take offense to some things I’m about to say, I apologize in advance and just know I’m only bringing this up so people can be thinking about things like this ahead of time.

There is always a chance of an unplanned pregnancy happening when a man/woman decide to have sex together. Yet, if the guy is using protection with a known brand condom like Trojan and the woman is on some form of FDA approved birth control, the odds should be very low that both will fail during sex. Furthermore, if a woman does end up pregnant that is an indication to me that either the man/woman decided to not do their part in trying to prevent the pregnancy and left things in their sexual partner hands instead, which can turn out to be a nightmare with the wrong person, especially for a woman.

For example, if two people have a baby together and things don’t work out between them, usually the woman will have the child with her most of the time through joint custody with the father, if not full custody, unless the court has ruled that she is an unfit mother. Thus, if she has a baby with a guy who isn’t ready or willing to take on financial responsibilities that come with being a father, she can potentially end up raising the child alone, which most women don’t sign up for but end up being their reality.

Also, a woman raising a child by herself can possibly impact future relationships she might have with other men as well and let me explain. The woman might want to go on a date with a guy she just met, but if she got no family members or close friends she trust that are willing to keep her child, she might miss out on a getting to know a great guy because of not having any availability. As a result, remember ladies that a person actions always speak louder than words. Thus, if the guy not consistent, a provider, or a man of his word before the baby, it’s a very good chance he won’t be after the baby is born.

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