There is always a chance of an unplanned pregnancy happening when a man/woman decide to have sex together. As a result, I’ve listed below some key things for a woman to consider before she has sex with just any man.

  • Is He Immature and Irresponsible?

If a woman has a baby with a guy who isn’t ready or willing to take on financial responsibilities that come with being a father, she can potentially end up raising the child alone, which some women don’t sign up for but end up being their reality.

  • Is This Someone You Think Will Make a Good Father?

Certain things you don’t want to gamble with potential on and I feel this is one. Therefore, go off what a guy is showing or not showing you consistently through his actions over his consistent words in making a decision on whether you think he will make a good father if you were to get pregnant by him.

What are some other key things to consider in your opinion before having sex with a guy?

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